Website Security & SSL Certificates

As Wordpress sites become more and more popular, website security has become an increasingly important issue for businesses as well. If you have any type of website, especially a Wordpress site, then there are some standard site security measures you will want to take to secure your website and the transactions that run on your website.

Website Security

Creating a secure website is an ongoing endeavor. Best practices for managing a website for yourself or for client would be to move the 'wp-admin' folder to another directory. Also, changing the url for the login page, as well as installing a firewall and a plugin to scan files is extremely helpful. This allows for a real time view if malicious code is added to a system file, infecting your website.

Additionally, more complex steps can also be taken. This is especially important if you receive customer data or receive payments on your website. For example, blocking login attempts for specific IP addresses is helpful. A great feature to have is also to put in place a two-factor authentication for your site security. If you are not familiar with how to do this yourself, there are some plugins that can help you install two-factor authentication for your website.

SSL certificates

SSL certificates are now as important as ever. In addition to your website security, whether your site is being displayed as secure also effects your SEO efforts.

There are three types of SSL certificates: Domain, organization, and extended validation. Domain SSL certificates are free and can display the "green lock” on your site the displays your website as secure because it makes the session secure using encryption. As mentioned above, making sure your site displays with the green lock as secure helps with SEO and search rankings.

The organization validation SSL certificates are the certificates that display the organization name, address and additional organization information when your site is displaying as secure and a user chooses to click on the green lock icon.

Finally the extended validation SSL certificates are the highest level of trust for website security certificates. The EV SSL certificates show an organization's name next to the secure green lock icon on a website. The extended validation SSL certificates tend to be more expensive and require paperwork to be submitted because it is the highest level of trust for your website security.

Is your site displaying as secure?

The above details regarding SSL certificates are all intended on helping your website display as secure. This helps in multiple ways, the two most important being that the users/customers of your website feel comfortable sharing their information on your website. Additionally, the security of your website effects your search rankings and having a secure site will positively impact your SEO efforts.

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